‘To make a dent in the universe.’

Asia Wysoczyńska

designer and curious seeker that likes to dig deeper

Asia Wysoczyńska completed her Master’s degree in Psychology of Creativity, Change Management and Consumer Behaviour (Jagiellonian University, Cracow; Radboud University, Nijmegen) and after working for several years at Ad Agencies she took her path as fashion designer and stylist, graduating with distinction from International School of Costume and Fashion Design in 2010. Her main fields of interest are communication through visual stimuli, influence of the aesthetics on personal wellbeing and changes in society as expressed in fashion.
Her works as a designer and stylist were recognized in various competitions (YCE | British Council, Faces of Design in Berlin, White Swan in Paris, to mention a few) and published in both magazines and books worldwide. Her written works are published in a magazine dedicated to business and fashion on regular basis.

“I design looking inwards rather than chasing markets which allows me to offer truly genuine products. The patterns and illustrations for prints are exemplification of unique artistic view, so – in contrary to mass produced accessories – they enable the person sporting them build a distinctive image.”


Young Creative Entrepreneur | British Council (2012)
White Swan – Le Figaro Madame & Carnet de Mode Award | Paris, France (2011)
Faces of Design Award | Berlin, Germany (2011)
The Green Fashion Competition | Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2010)
The Golden Thread – Creators Jury’ Distinction | Poland (2010)
“El Boton” Mango Fashion Award – finals | Spain (2010)
Future In Fashion Foundation – award | Lodz, Poland (2009)
Not Just A Label – Designer of The Week | Diane Pernet’s choice for NJAL Store (2008)

Grzegorz Badzio

Co-founder of FOORIAT

Creative Entrepreneur and Decision Maker.

As the restless artistic soul he finds fulfillment in commercial projects. The founder of the independent advertising agency DIFERENTE, which offers cutting-edge creations and effective communication solutions in all sorts of media. The long-time Creative Director and Art Director in structures of Ogilvy One and Gruppa66/Ogilvy Agencies. Co-founder of TippingPoint/ TBWA Agency. Appreciated and awarded designer.

Ewa Cylwik

travel and food writer

Gallop-addict, passionate foodie, obsessed with fashion and finding places worth discovering. Divides her life between Barcelona and Warsaw, enjoying both kinds of life and spirits of the place.
Having graduated Fashion Design and Interdisciplinary Human Studies she manages to find balance between creation and reception. Her great input to the FOO/mag project is traveling places and spreading the word of everyday-delights.

Dorota Staniszewska

advisory partner

Dorota has a degree in Sociology and European Studies. In her professional career she mainly focuses on market research and strategy development in Apparel Industry. After working for several years for research agency IQS&Quant Group, she dedicated her career to fashion brands. She collaborates with various Advertising Agencies and Consultancy organisations, DIFERENTE, Havas PR, A.T. Kearney to be mentioned, on projects requiring research and implementation of the results. Years of experience in consultancy, research and marketing communications resulted in a book „Portrait of a Client” (2010), which she co-wrote.
Dorota is spotting topics worth further development. Always skeptical and questioning inspires the team to look for improvements.

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